About Me

Born in Novi Pazar, 30th of July, 1986.

Having finished elementary and secondary school as a regular student in 2005, Esad Međedović enrolled into undergraduate studies at the University of Novi Pazar within the same year. As a regular student he graduated with an excellent average grade of 9.32.

At the end of his third year of study (2008) he went to work temporarily as the network administrator in the company Stepp by Stepp  in the United States from  June 8th to November 8th. After returning from the United States he started to work temporarily as an IT associate in Ltd. Menus and with success he quickly  adapted in regard to the maintaence of all sophisticated programs the company owned. Because of obligations at the university, he  left the company  in order to successfully  complete  his studies. Having graduated Bachelor studies in June 2009, he was employed as a teaching assistent (in academic 2009/2010) at the University of Novi Pazar. He sucessfully finished Oracle Academy – Database Design and Programming and Java Fundamentals as well. After the good work undertaken as a teaching assistant he continued his angagement to try and expand his knowledge in the field of Web as well as the programing of the desktop application.

In 2010 he enrolled in a masters study at the Technical Faculty in Cacak which ended in 2012, with the average grade of  9.71. He defended his master paper with the highest grade (10) in June 2012.

In April 2011 he signed a contract about professional qualification with the Higher Public Prosecutor's Office in Novi Pazar. Having finished a program ‘Professional practice’ and having passed the State licence (qualifying) exam, he was employed as a system administrator at the Higher Public Prosecutor's in Novi Pazar in 2012. In 2013 he finished his work at the university and since then he has dedicated himself to work at the Prosecutor's office.

He is currently employed as a system administrator at the Higher Public Prosecutor's Office in Novi Pazar. He is a father of two children.